Working Globally to Improve Locally

Global Projects

Working with governments to develop clinicians and infrastructure.

Advocating for World Health Parity

Working on the ground to build local health systems by providing medical supplies, training, and population education.

Local Projects

Improving access and education to underserved communities at home.

Health Challenges

Breaking down access barriers to subjects like prostate health and mental wellness through community outreach.


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Build Something Beautiful

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Fighting for Medical & Mental Health Equity

Whether it’s the poorest parts of urban America or a war-torn developing nation, Chicago Global Health Alliance recognizes that the challenges to developing healthy communities are the same: educating the patient population, training the medical community, and providing access to quality, affordable care.

Our mission at CGHA is to tackle these problems and to bring sustainable medical and mental health equity to under-served Chicago communities and to other areas across the globe.

Our Founders

Dr. Moore has led major international initiatives in Costa Rica, Cuba, Morocco, South Africa, the Dominican Republic, and others. She is leading several mental health initiatives in Chicago. She has led programming in under-developed communities promoting healthy behaviors.
Nataka J. Moore, Psy.D., Co-Founder & Director of Population

Dr. Murphy is on faculty at Northwestern University in the Department of Urology and at Jesse Brown VA Medical Center. His current research, in collaboration with Dr. Rick Kittles at UIC, explores the possible connection between vitaminD deficiency and prostate cancer risk.
Adam Murphy, MD, MBA, MSCI, Co-Founder & President

As a co-founder of CGHA, she has led health initiatives in the Chicago area and has also organized health fairs and screening events. She is a part of the coordinating team to develop the working relationship between our Chicago clinicians and the Liberian healthcare workers.
Victoria Gee, BS, Masters of Nursing Student, Co-Founder

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